Lori Newcomb

Co-Founder of Newk's Cares
Lori?s Storynew

Ovarian cancer hits close to home for the Newk’s family. Lori Newcomb, wife of co-founder and CEO Chris Newcomb, was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer in early 2013. Her story is all too familiar for many women, as one in 70 will develop this disease.
As an active mother of three, Lori has always put the priorities of her family before her own – even when she felt something was wrong. After months of discomfort, Lori finally talked to her doctor during her annual gynecological exam. She outlined her symptoms and went in for special tests. Stage IIIC ovarian cancer – confirmed. Blindsided and heartbroken, Lori’s fight began.
The symptoms of ovarian cancer are not obvious. In fact, many are what you might consider day-to-day nuisances – such as bloating, lack of energy and loss of appetite. When ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the survival rate eclipses the 90% mark. But with no early detection test, vague symptoms are the only warning signs.
That’s why we started the Newk’s Cares initiative. Our goal is to improve the rate of early diagnosis by funding research and creating greater awareness about the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.
So far, we have seen an incredible response – the inaugural Ovarian Cycle ® Jackson event raised over $120,000 for ovarian cancer research. But there’s much more work to be done.
Everyone at Newk’s Eatery is committed to supporting ovarian cancer research and awareness, and with your support, we can give every woman a fighting chance.

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